The Pirate - Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

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In this Photoshop CC manipulation, we’ll create a nicely illuminated scene with a pirate. We’ll use only a few stock images, and at the end I’ll show you how to create an amazing color and light effect using layer styles and adjustment layers.

You can create this tutorial in Photoshop CC and previous with some minor changes, which I’ll explain in the tutorial. This is an advanced tutorial, so basic things like making selections, and how to work with the tools are skipped.


  • You will need a computer with Windows or Mac OS

  • Minimum RAM memory for smooth running: 8GB

  • Photoshop CS6 or CC (previous versions work as well with minor changes)

Final result

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  • The-Pirate-Español.mp4
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    277.2 MB
  • The-Pirate-English.mp4
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  • Languages
    English | Español
  • The-Pirate-Español.mp4667.9 MB
  • The-Pirate-Resources-PSD.zip277.2 MB
  • The-Pirate-English.mp4518.9 MB
  • LanguagesEnglish | Español
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The Pirate - Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

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