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LUT Presets Bundle (10 packs) 100+ LUT files

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Creative color grading presets for Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Filmora and any other software that supports LUT presets in .cube format.

CUBE files are also supported by Lightroom. If you need assistance on how to use these LUTs please contact me or check my YouTube tutorials:

This pack contains 10 Packs

- Duotones (Spotify Inspired 2 color presets) (11 presets)

Create all sorts of beautiful duotone graphic designs like posters, covers, banners and more with one simple adjustment.

- Instagrammer Vol.1 (9 presets)

LUT presets especially created for portraits but work well for landscape or general photography or video footage in general

- Fine Portraits (9 presets) Included .png format for OBS color grading

Suitable for creative effects. Works for portraits and/or landscape images. Works great combining 2 or more presets with different opacities and/or different blend modes.

- Vintage '50 for creating classic color effects (9 presets)

Create beautiful vintage effects with this vintage LUT presets pack. Contains 9 LUT style presets for vintage color grading effects.

- Cyberpunk (10 presets)

These presets are made especially for night photography in urban environments with lots of lights and colors although they might work well on other kinds of Photography.

- Green Landscape Effects (10 presets)

Make creative color gradings on landscape images or videos with these 10 LUT presets. These lookup table presets work especially well for landscapes with lots of greens and blues. You can also achieve interesting sunsets or sunrise color gradings as well. These LUTs modify greens and blue tones but they also work well on video footage and could be used on portraits or candid photos as well.

- Monochromatic Harmonies (12 presets)

The Monochromatic Harmonies contain 12 monochromatic LUT presets which you can use to create interesting single tone effects on your photos and video footage.

Combining them and using different opacity levels you can get beautiful creative effects on your media. You can use these LUT presets for Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, Ae, etc.

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LUT Presets Bundle (10 packs) 100+ LUT files

0 ratings
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