Lost Fairy Photoshop Tutorial

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In this manipulation tutorial I show my full manipulation workflow. The manipulation itself is pretty simple but I use the same workflow on almost all my photoshop manipulation tutorials. This tutorial covers:

  1. Basic composition to create the main visual structure of the artwork

  2. Pupper Warp editing

  3. Using painted hair stock

  4. Painting your own hair using a simple brushing technique

  5. Advanced hair masking using channels

  6. Basic shading

  7. Camera RAW editing to create the final color and contrast effects

This is an advanced tutorial, not for Photoshop beginners. You can use any CC version of Photoshop. Recommended a graphics tablet for painting hair.

  • Lost Fairy English.mp4
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  • Lost-Fairy-Resources
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  • Lost Fairy Final.psd
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  • Lost Fairy English.mp4915.6 MB
  • Lost-Fairy-Resources121.0 MB
  • Lost Fairy Final.psd706.0 MB
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Lost Fairy Photoshop Tutorial

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