Life - Advanced SciFi Photoshop Tutorial

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In this sci-fi manipulation tutorial you will create an advanced artwork combining 3D render elements and stock photos. You will practice lighting techniques using advanced layer styles and adjustments.

For this tutorial I will be using Photoshop CC 2019 but previous versions can be used as well if you know Photoshop’s interface and how to work with the software.

I will use 3D rendered elements from sketchfab and other sites that I illuminated myself according to what the illumination of the scene would be so that they integrate better with the rest of the elements on the scene and the overall lighting of it.

The resources and PSD file are available to all members. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

  • Life-English.mp4
    1,69 GB
  • Life-Español.mp4
    47 MB
  • Life-Final-PSD.psd
    198 MB
  • Language
    English | Español
  • Life-English.mp41,69 GB
  • Life-Español.mp42,38GB
  • Life-Resources.zip47 MB
  • Life-Final-PSD.psd198 MB
  • LanguageEnglish | Español
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Life - Advanced SciFi Photoshop Tutorial

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